Credits & Thanks

Rob Barba

Writer, CG Rendering, Lettering, Editing,  Site Coding

The writer, letterer, typography and CG artist individual for Megami. Having called LA, Hawaii, Spain, Japan and various other places home at different parts of his life, he looks forward to integrating parts of the whole into something far greater. Comfortable with the technical, the natural and beyond, he hopes to be able to mesh them all into one greater whole.

An accomplished typographer, Rob’s accolades include his fonts on display at Germany’s Klingspor Museum.

Ayne Hart

Penciler, Inker, CG Rendering, Site Coding

The lead artist, CG artist and the artistic director and character designer, Ayne is an expert in art history, having studied at the prestigious University of Glasgow.  Opinionated and bold, she puts all into her works, looking forward to the day when manga is defined by the art, and not by geographic location.


There are many people who’ve stood by us during the past eight years – yes, you heard that right – when it seemed like we would never get this Spruce Goose off the ground.  Well, for good or ill, here we are, and we can’t thank you enough.

A very long-due shout out goes to Kenny Mitchell of Kenny’s Crap; he lent us the use of the transport shuttle five years ago and we’ve never forgotten.  Thanks, thanks, thanks!

Also, thanks to Paolo Munoz, who stepped in and did some of the early level coding when we were going into the last minutes prior to launch.